Oldtimer: The cost control and insurance

Old metal on four wheels is trendy. This makes not only in its popularity but also in price more than ever felt. "No longer just the usual suspects like big cats from Coventry, fast Schwaben arrows or star cruiser disappear in unachievable price regions", wrote recently the trade journal "classic car market," and complained, "Bullis have become unaffordable, ducks set high flight, and in the states there is hardly an auction that does not require an early Toyota land Cruiser. "
In fact: "For oldie urges the oldie but depends everything," Johann Wolfgang von Goethe would probably leave his Gretchen say today, he would edit adapting the "Faust" of modern times. And it's no longer just collectors with deep pockets or hobbyists with black fingernails who have discovered their love for four-wheeled antiques. Meanwhile, speculators take advantage of past eras for the flight into real values ​​bodies.

Cheap insurance for classic cars

Enormous costs for tax and insurance have all not to be feared. On the contrary. Thus, the annual charges to the tax are initially very modest, provided that the vehicle has the coveted H-plates front and rear on. Through this license plate the historic vehicle is classified as a cultural and favorable tax treatment. But only if it is at least 30 years old, the technical inspection has passed, can have original or contemporary interiors and good maintenance condition. In addition, the motor at least from the same series must have been upgraded 30 years old or in the first ten years. The report suggests for a car with 100 euros. 191.73 euros are to control then annually due - no matter whether it is a Mercedes SSK or a Volkswagen Beetle. Vehicles with H-plates may also be moved in environmental zones where otherwise apply, conditions, an environmental badge is not required.

Volkswagen Beetle (1966).

Volkswagen Beetle (1966).
Copyright: Auto-Medienportal.Net/Wikipedia

Because it can be assumed normally that appropriate vehicles are particularly cautious and rarely moves, many insurance companies offer special vintage tariffs on favorable terms. However, usually under some additional conditions. For example, requires the specialist OCC Assekuranzkontor from Lübeck like most of its competitors, in addition to the classic cars, a car an everyday use of oldies is excluded available for everyday use in the household and thus, for a private garage or a carport must be present. His driver must be older than 23 years, the mileage may not exceed 10 000 kilometers in the year. The liability insurance is tailored to the vehicle and starts at 59.50 euros per year, the same applies to partial coverage with 150 euro excess, starting with 47.60 euros, comprehensive insurance with ...

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