Keep it clean: Car wash on Sunday

In many states motorists are Sundays at the car wash their confidence in front of closed doors. This is annoying, because many people missing in the increased workload during the week simply the time for car care.

A majority of Germans is in favor of lifting the ban car wash on Sundays.

A majority of Germans is in favor of lifting the ban car wash on Sundays.
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Since there is actually no surprise that speak out in a recent Aral survey 56 percent of Germans oppose a ban of the car wash on Sunday. For only 26 percent of Sunday is still off-limits as a car-washing day, 18 percent are undecided on this issue.

the washing facilities are closed on Sundays in the following states: Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. In Bavaria and Hesse, the local municipality or planning authority decides. In all other states, the car wash is allowed on Sunday, as indeed in all the neighboring countries of the European Union (EU), share the Aral experts.

The advantage of a lifting of the ban is for Ralph Sikora, Aral responsible for the car wash business, are obvious: A nationwide release of the car wash on Sunday, the demand would be spread over seven days a week, especially on weekends, the long waiting times at the car wash shorten. At the same time the wash tourism within Germany or in neighboring EU countries would avoid the expert says. Since the washing systems are almost exclusively controlled automatically and the gas stations are open on Sunday anyway, is produced according to Ralph Sikora no additional burden on the service station staff.

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