Opel makes the Adam flott. Small cars now with automatic folding roof and

Opel Adam - Open to all

Opel makes its smallest clear for the summer. Adam not only gets new colors, an automatic transmission, but also a folding roof.

Automatically better?

So far, the purchaser of the Opel Adam had the luxury and comfort of an automatic transmission without, but in time for the Spring 2015 Auto put the Opel after. The Adam comes with Easytronic 3.0 to the dealers. there is the smallest of Opel without a clutch pedal for a surcharge of 600 euros. The heart of the transmission is a switching module, which all by itself inserts the aisles. In conjunction with the 1.4-liter 87 PS petrol Opel's even a consumption advantage of 0.4 liters for manually shifted counterpart (corresponds to 109 grams of CO2. From the added comfort even to mention. That with the new generation of automatic transmissions, the belong formerly annoying jolt the past is another selling point for Easytronic 3.0.

For long touring Opel Adam

For long touring Opel Adam
Copyright: Opel

With beautiful color?

Second innovation on Adam 2015 new exterior colors. an obviously important issue especially for a racer lifestyle, such as Adam, as Opel has determined on the basis of orders received. Because so far the customers of the countless color and equipment variants like to have made use. New product the colors "Shiny Gray" and "Marangu Green" are. The latter is ideal if you want to (or woman) stand out really sleep. Completely turned the "Stars version features&Stripes, "the Opel with the equipment version Jam combined.

More sun without roof

The last novelty for Adam is just right for spring. Opel can namely shake the already introduced when Adam Rocks fabric convertible top on the remaining Adams. By pressing a button the sky above the Adam crew opens within five seconds. Works in the state and to 140 km / h if you should have it in a hurry when stargazing times. The version "OPEN AIR" is the Opel Händler from 14,990 euros and makes you want to the first cloudless spring nights.

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