photographed again: The VW Touareg 2018

A year ago we admired the first pictures of a Touareg Erl King, now the SUV from Wolfsburg was photographed again. The photo shows a beefier front and a more angular design.

Square, flashy: VW Touareg is similar to the new Tiguan

New Spähfotos of 2018 appearing VW Touareg.

The front looks much more beefy and square.
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The third generation of the VW Touareg will be officially launched later in the year - perhaps at the IAA. Already, the Wolfsburg SUV in northern Germany is on the way, taking into account almost no disguise. Only a few scraps of cloth covering more or less exploitable details.

In general, the new Touareg is slightly angular and adapts to the shape of the Tiguan. However, the tail is hardly touched compared to the current model. Here a little lacking uniform design line little brother. One can only wonder whether Volkswagen to production visually even further modifies the Touareg.

Smart, lightweight and electrically - the new Touareg should provide some

New Spähfotos of 2018 appearing VW Touareg.

The tail remains essentially unchanged.
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The interior of the SUV could hardly be captured by the cameras. Here, however, we expect most probably a new infotainment system, more semi-autonomous functions and a virtual cockpit. Although the new Touareg is likely to be slightly larger than the current model, it will still be easier. We owe the MLB Evo platform where a lot of aluminum is used and which is also installed in the Audi Q7. Also expected for 2018 models Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini Urus put on the same basis.

Also thanks to the exhaust scandal we are likely to see the first time, hybrid models of the Touareg. A fully electric version is unlikely, but still on the table. Of course, the Touareg will continue to be available with various petrol and diesel engines - albeit the latter not yet in the United States. The new Touareg will likely be officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Then we will see which arrows have the Wolfsburg for their largest and most expensive SUV in the quiver.

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