Erlkönig: BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer gets facelift

Admittedly, the Active Tourer and Gran Tourer from the 2's series are not exactly the most successful models from BMW. This has also not expected as the models were introduced, 2014. Their purpose was merely to find Bavaria access into a segment where Mercedes-Benz already busy trying to conquer new market niches in quiet solitude of its own.

The new Gran Tourer an exercise in restraint

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BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.
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Nevertheless, it is time to give the MPV its first facelift. On our snapshots you get even good impressions on the rear-end design. Here you have almost completely dispensed with covers. The tail was modified only in the lower ranges. Otherwise, the rear sill was left in general, on the whole rather untouched.

Since it was a bit thoughtful at the front. For when you can not see, unfortunately, all too much of the hexagonal head lights, probably for good reason. The front cover is meant to suggest that the shape of the radiator grille and the bumper has been revised. As for the engines, it will not be much new. The same goes for the interior. It may come a few discrete upgrades infotainment system and a few new features in the driving safety systems, but apart from that is you can expect from the 2's Gran Tourer not too much new.

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