Fahrbericht Fiat Tipo Combi 1.6 Multijet Lounge: Does it always have to be Premium?

If this is not a declaration of war: More than 5000 euros between the strike price of a Fiat Tipo combination and a Golf Variant. Of course, there are other differences, but are worth the fact that sum? Who needs to look at it money should also risk a look at the Italian family car coming from Turkey.

Fiat Tipo: Kombi without premium seal for best price

Fiat Tipo combination.

Fiat Tipo combination.
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It's been about 22 years since the last one Fiat Tipo rolled named to the customers. With the revival of the famous model name Italian company is now launching his attack on the compact class. And obviously we know in Turin, what matters a price-sensitive customers. Practical and economical the car should be to have a proper equipment and on top of that take a lot of luggage. Design and gimmicks? For free! The supposed seal of quality "premium" is most sincerely care less.

His qualities as a useful companion through the day could prove in this test, a Tipo 120-horsepower diesel engine. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder has proven its stability and contentment even in some other group models. With 320 Nm maximum torque he promises to the manufacturer about 1,400 kilogram five-door model with reasonable temperament supply.

Not spectacular, but very pleasing to the exterior is advised. The front has a self-aware is broad and sealed with black plastic grille diamonds has none of the small car modesty, which was for many years hallmark of Fiat products. The black painted B-pillar and the divided into four segments windows stretches the silhouette, the tail with the divided rear lights could equally well come from a combination of Asian origin. The loading edge is pleasing low of 65 centimeters and the flap opens up to a clear height of 1.87 meters.

Compromising on quality - but with large trunk

Fiat Tipo combination.

Fiat Tipo combination.
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The desire to have start the Tipo with a prize in his second life, the cockpit reflects. Although it is designed harmoniously and practical, large-scale use of plastic parts but was clearly not to be avoided for cost reasons. In terms of processing and perceived quality a step forward is undoubtedly succeeded, though here and there for improvement can still be seen. The buckle for the front seats is so deeply appropriate that the center armrest obstructs the way there. Shelves - for a family car of great importance - are plentiful. Bottle holders in the doors are in place, with 1.5-liter containers but overwhelmed. That it lacks the seats of lateral stability, hardly noticeable, because the Tipo is not tempted to piece curve hunting.

Where you can still save small amounts, Fiat shows the fuel cap. Just as there are already practiced Ford for some time, is behind the door, no additional locking more. The four doors are large sized and open wide, so the first step is easy. Not quite as roomy as the front is the space in the rear, but it does not differ from that in the competition. There is plenty of elbow room and storage space for the knees of adults is acceptable.

Who sees them closer to the trunk will need to realize that removing and installing the luggage cover runs sometimes something hakelig. If the blind out of the way, an enormously receptive transportation tray is visible. With 550 liters (with five-seater design) it is among the largest in the segment. The rear backrests are in the ratio 40: 60 divided and the seat cushions separately retractable. With a few simple steps to create a 1.60-meter-long cargo space with fully flat floor. He is between the wheel arches feet wide and holds up to 1,650 liters. The payload is such that five passengers can still carry about 100 kg of luggage. Under the cargo floor is also still room for small items.

The Fiat Tipo relies on high level of comfort and no unnecessary equipment

Fiat Tipo combination.

Fiat Tipo combination.
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When Tipo is the most comfortable equipment to the "Lounge" and it brings factory following details with: Alloy wheels the size of 16 inches, automatic air conditioning with pollen filter, touchscreen radio with 7-inch screen, USB and AUX jack, light and rain sensor, fog lamps cornering light, central locking, electric windows, speed-control system, front center armrest, 12-volt outlet in the luggage compartment and interior auto-dimming mirror.

The test car was available with leather upholstery (+ 990 Euro), rear parking sensors, navigation system and rearview camera (together 1,990 euros) and city emergency brake assist, speed limiter and adaptive cruise control (add. 600 euros) provided. For 26,570 euros then you have pretty much all on board what the price list will bear, because the high-tech Huberei other compact car manufacturer does not Fiat. Neither LED headlights even electric seats are on offer, Adaptivdämpfer either.

In the power transmission one must not be content only with the six-speed manual transmission is. Meanwhile, a dual clutch transmission is available. The manual box is clean translations, running smoothly through the streets and goes well with the 1.6-liter diesel engine. When accelerating the increase in torque is clearly noticeable in the second and third gear, the noise level is very limited. Up to sixth gear the four-cylinder purrs quietly high, the wind noise is dominant and the top speed is interested not really one more. Just 191 km / h (GPS measurement) were there in the test car nine kilometers per hour less than the datasheet promised.

That reality does not hold what promise the specifications, we know more of the fuel consumption. And who assumes that 3.7 liters to reach 100 kilometers in everyday life, probably also believes even in Santa Claus. Two liters more were there in this test drive. That sounds like a lot, but perspective when you open a different account: With a list price of 21,450 euros, the Tipo is exactly 4625 euro under a comparable engine Golf Variant. On discontinuation of this amount in fuel around, one would come to the little Italian around twice around the globe.

Conclusion: "bread-and-butter car" is no longer a dirty word, especially not when it's been so reasonable, practical and versatile as the Tipo combination. Even if the car can not meet every need, it nevertheless offers good value for money, appealing driving performance and high level of comfort.

Technical data of the Fiat Tipo Combi 1.6 Multijet Lounge

Length x width x height (m)4.57 x 1.79 x 1.51
Wheel base (m)2.64
engineR4 turbo diesel, 1598 ccm
power88 kW / 120 hp at 3750 U / min
Max. Torque320 Nm at 1750 rev / min
top speed200 km / h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h10.1 sec
ECE average consumption3.7 liters
test consumption5.7 liters
 efficiency A +
 CO2 emissions 98 g / km (Euro 6)
 Curb weight / payload minute 1395 kg / max. 475 kg
 Boot capacity 550-1650 liters
 base Price 21,450 €
Test car price26,570 €
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