Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today’s Premium Attitude

Ingo Koecher - Cost optimization plays a major role in all manufacturers. So each carmaker has its own kit, built on the same chassis always with different constructions of new models. With the compact van Evalia Nissan presents his latest model. The car is based on the B platform that is already installed in the Nissan Juke the Group.

Beyond all Premium Attitude

Premium or not, there are quite a number of people who simply need a car. It is reliable, roomy and priced not in the dimensions of a semi-detached house. simply stop only one car, no more and no less.

It is with this demand starts Nissan With its compact van Evalia. Here, however, the Japanese go one step further and ask the question why the title "family car" is synonymous today with a car that has little more to offer than just four wheels and a steering wheel. With the Evalia will oppose in the segment of affordable family cars Nissan this "impoverishment". Thus, the compact van, equipped starts with a 81 kW / 110 hp gasoline, at 19,480 euros. Clearly as the price is also the option list. On which the navigation and multimedia package Nissan Connect Find USB, iPod and Bluetooth interface

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude
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as well as cruise control and speed, two additional single seats for folding the third row of seats and separate ventilation for 800 euros and metallic paint for 350 euros extra. That's it.

powertrain & equipment

The series includes power steering, electronic stability program ESP, ABS anti-lock brakes, six airbags, sliding rear on both sides as well as air conditioning and central locking. Under the hood, inline four-cylinder engines. To select the 1.6-liter gasoline engine our test car are 81 kW / 110 hp with a manual five-speed transmission as well as two 1.5-liter turbo-diesel engine with 66 kW / 90 PS and 81 kW / 110 hp with manual five- or six-speed manual transmission.


Its roots to the workhorse NV200 Nissan Evalia does not deny. Nevertheless, show differences as upgraded with an aluminum bar grille, windows font of the flank and the tailgate that it is the compact van of the series and not the van. The detailed work continues in the interior. While the NV200 meets all functional requirements, the center console of the dashboard and the doors with applications to be upgraded in aluminum look on the Evalia. In addition, the three-spoke steering wheel is surrounded by a likewise executed in aluminum look clasp.

The all-round visibility in Japanese is good for all seats. Pleasant is the slightly elevated seating position. is in connection with the compact dimensions of 4,400 mm in length and 1,695 mm in width slightly

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude
Copyright: auto.de

Handling within urban living environments guaranteed. In addition, the flexible interior is equal to any everyday situation. With very little effort, the loading volume to be by folding and fold forwards of the rear bench seat from 900 to up to 3,100 liters expand. In the payload, however, it must be ensured that the maximum of 490 kg is not exceeded. Starting from Van concept, the loading capacity is below average low. Because even with seven passengers à 70 kg weight is no more room for luggage.

Fitted was our test car with the only petrol engine. The in-line four cylinder with its 81 kW / 110 PS was coupled to the manual five-speed transmission. Within the city limits of gasoline provided sufficient performance. Granted, sprints are therefore not possible because the average speed range must then quickly leave upwards. This in turn will inevitably lead to higher than average consumption. But let's be honest: Who you please be a Nissan Evalia sets to when lust in his bucket seat to brute pressure? Here Nissan offers the GT-R, auto.de reported on the fighter jet of the road.

But back to the family van. During the Evalia made a pretty good figure in the city, we would have hoped for a bit more power for cross-country trips, especially wished for a sixth gear. Because the Japanese begins with five gears quickly to work outside the middle speed range. Remedy offers here the diesel with six-speed manual transmission.

In addition to the refinement of consumption plays when buying a car an increasingly important role. Especially if there is to be a family vehicle. For then one does not drive the car to

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude
Copyright: auto.de

to be seen, but to get from A to B. And the bar all premium Attitude, but always keeping the cost in mind.

topic consumption

Nissan is the consumption of Evalia an average of 7.3 liters to 100 kilometers. This value we do not reach. In defense it should be noted that the winter has done its part to push something in the air consumption. For it is no secret that heat costs money. But even if the seats both front seats was on maximum and optimum was also taken out from the heating, the consumption of 9.8 liters per 100 kilometers determined by us should have to be somewhat lower. Especially since we have moved the car for its intended purpose and its empty weight is 1,490 kg with that of a normal compact car à la Toyota Auris or Hyundai i30.

Here, the Nissan Evalia could not convince. At this point looks auto.de backlog. Because the target group has particular costs, particularly consumption and maintenance, in mind. And 2.5 liters consumption per 100 kilometers are not in order, in our estimation.


Nissan itself assigns the Evalia its commercial vehicle division. However, the manufacturer does not tire attributable to the compact van loads of car characteristics. For example, the easy handling due to compact

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude

Test Nissan Evalia 1.6 Inexpensive family car beyond today's Premium Attitude
Copyright: auto.de

Dimensions or a driving experience that is not "bussig" but "kompaktig" Nissan calls it car-like, either. auto.de goes with in all respects: in particular, deserves the title "Affordable Family Car" Nissan Evalia in our view rightly. Here, the Japanese romps in the market between a Peugeot Tepee or the Fiat Doblo who try it like Nissan to link the Vankonzept with light car handling.

And the compact van offers much more than just four wheels and a steering wheel. With the Japanese, the family receives a multi-purpose vehicle, so a compact van that deserves its name. So it can be fünfsitzig, like an ordinary compact car in everyday inserting. Upgraded to seven-seater with two additional single seats in the third row, the extended family will easily accommodate and rear seat folded down, the Evalia can be quickly converted into a full truck with little effort. So in fact a multi-purpose vehicle. And the whole there is still at an attractive price.

The only drawback looks auto.de the significant increase in consumption of gasoline single of the series. That should deteriorate somewhat, the overall enthusiasm for future Evaliisti. And not least because it is in the target audience is a particularly price-sensitive segment. In all other areas auto.de the Nissan Evalia rated however, with a good.

Rating -
Nissan Evalia 1.6

Exterior design2.1
Interior design2.1
Costs per year* 
Purchase price test vehicle21,330.00 €
Fuel costs **2263.80 €
Control150,00 euro
depreciation3199.50 €
Total annual costs:   
5613.30 €
Test Results / Final mark:  

* Costs per year are made up of fuel costs, road tax, the imputed value loss (15 percent p. A.)
** Fuel costs at 1.54 euros / liter E10-premium gasoline and an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers

Datasheet Nissan Evalia 1.6
five- or seven-seater Van the compact class, sliding behind on both sides, front-wheel drive
Length Width Height:4400 mm / 1695 mm / 1850 mm
Wheelbase:2725 mm
engineIn-line four cylinder
displacement:1598 cc
power:81 kW / 110 hp at 6,000 revolutions per minute
Max. torque:153 Newton meters at 4,400 revolutions per minute
maximum speed:165 km / h
test (Average):9.8 l / 100 km
Test CO2 emissions:297.7 g / km
Manufacturer information Consumption:7.3 l / 100 km
Manufacturer specifications CO2 emissions:169 g / km
Emission standard:5 euro
(Series selection):
six airbags, electronic stability program ESP, anti-lock braking system ABS, power steering, rear sliding doors on both sides, air conditioning, central locking
Weight / payload 
Empty weight:1490 kg (as seven-seater)
Perm. Total weight:1980 kg
payload:490 kg
Trailer weight braked:1100 kg
Trailer weight unrestrained:640 kg
Permissible nose weight.:44 kg
Permissible roof load.:100 kg
Boot capacity:900-3100 l
Base model:from 19,480 EUR (incl. 19 percent VAT.)
test car:21.330 EUR (incl. 19 percent VAT.)
top model:from 21,870 EUR (incl. 19 percent VAT.)
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