Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost – The 1.0-liter cannonball

It's been a few years since I last had the pleasure of time with a Ford Fiesta. Meanwhile, much has happened, the little Cologne has received a facelift and a new - highly acclaimed three-cylinder on board. Reasons are more so enough yet to take the Ford Fiesta again times to the chest.

With the introduction

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball
Copyright: auto.de/Ford

the current model generation Fiesta has made the small car a real eye catcher Ford. Sleek proportions, this sassy colors. For Facelift Ford Fiesta again sharpened this and missed the series Fiesta the look of the sporty Ford Focus ST. Clear that the Fiesta its polish in "Race Red" is well extreme. Precludes the of 65, at first glance, the engine range - 125 hp trim look good home cooking - from 182 hp Fiesta ST apart times. For those who do not want it quite as sporty - and most especially on five doors value - must reach the 1.0-liter three-cylinder eco-boost with 125 horsepower. And exactly the puttering in my test car.

Nothing has changed

The interior has the Fiesta facelift to go - at least apparent - nothing changed. Still unclear is the Sony radio with a plethora of buttons and (now) far too small display on board. Technically, this is - depending on equipment -

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball
Copyright: auto.de/Ford

However, now equipped with voice-activated communications technology Ford SYNC technology. Coupled with Bluetooth cell phone so you already have an emergency assistant on board and can comfortably own music library or internet radio stream over the surprisingly good vehicle system. The space is adequate in the small Fiesta Class, only the index back is quite limited by the small rear window. The compact dimensions but I really need after a short also fitted rear view camera actually no more.


So much for the rather simple but functional interior. Much tense I was the Ford Fiesta on the built 1.0-liter Ecoboost with 125 hp. Because I've read a lot of good and just a few minutes down the focus on the two-fold "Engine of the Year". In an extensive weekend of the three-cylinder should now show what he can, which interests me especially, as the downsizing of the Ford has an impact on consumption. For many small

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball
Copyright: auto.de/Ford

Aggregate act quickly overwhelmed and are thereby quickly from the "penny pincher" to "Saufkuh". Friday I leave after work at 17:30 the office and sit down at the wheel of the Fiesta. With the key in his pocket, the doors of the small car can be opened easily via a button on the handle of the driver's door and lock it again. Even after that can stay in the pocket the key, because the Fiesta will also start keyless push of a button.

The unit sounds harsh, than one would expect from a four-cylinder. The unpleasant buzz some other three-cylinder Ford, however, has expelled him. At the third traffic light, stop the engine in the Ford Fiesta has reached operating temperature and can hardly be heard. The consumption, the on-board computer after the reset initially indicated clearly in the double digits - Typical Cold Start - also falls rapidly and goes after leaving the urban area continues to decline. Shortly before the motorway, he approaches with 4.7 liters per 100 km, even the standard consumption, indicating the Ford with 4.3 l / 100 km.

dynamic qualities
Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball
Copyright: auto.de/Ford

I place myself in the flow of traffic and accelerating to the recommended speed. With 130 km / h I purr cozy in weekend traffic on the A9 south. Since the Fiesta is insulated for class surprisingly well against noise from the outside, which is also above-average sound system comes in Fiesta good effect. After nearly 80 kilometers on the highway I put the blinkers and checke shortly consumption: 6.1 l / 100 km and even though I was traveling really cozy. Highway does not really seem to be the Fiesta, especially because Ford Fiesta donated only 5 courses. Although they are properly translated, but a 6th gear to glide along the Fiesta would just be good to face on highway passages. Overland are the 5 courses, however, again more than sufficient to move the Fiesta sparingly. At least if you wanted to because. Because in a rapidly approached S curve I discovered dynamic qualities of the little Cologne, which can be crisp zirkeln even around tight bends. In addition, a powerful polynuclear engine sound, which passes through a sound generator into the interior of Fiesta.

Thus I find myself always at hand I only pretty high turn the Fiesta engine at each local exit and enjoy the robust sound before I shift into fifth gear and on cruise at 100 km / h. Nevertheless, the course is extremely negative impact on consumption. hence my balance after roughly 160 km fall of 7.4 l / 100 km sobering.

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball
Copyright: auto.de/Ford

As it now to go to 21 o'clock, but I still have more than 100 km distance to go before me and the A71 is completely empty, I switch temporarily my green conscience, and want to see where the boundaries of the three-cylinder lie. So indicators up on the train, the left and give him.

On the steep highway, the Fiesta is fast moving. Not only am I surprised, but also the driver of a Mercedes E-Class station wagon, as I prefer with a growling engine at nearly 190 km / h past him. I am impressed. Even uphill the power of the small engine, the tachometer needle reaches must be kept above 170 km / h. But even at such high speeds of the Fiesta is the calm himself, remains unfazed by uneven road surfaces and is extremely well on track. So much power, I really could not have expected the 1.0-liter gasoline engine.


Anticipate the negative: Too bad that the facelift of the Fiesta not so far went to already buy the small car from Cologne, a new infotainment system. Driving dynamics of Fiesta shows so many competitors the taillights, the little Cologne is still extremely tired on the road and seeming too hard. I was surprised by the 125-hp three-cylinder. When consuming it was in my test expected to be above the normal consumption. (6.1 l / 100 km instead of 4.3 l / 100 km). however, blame the unexpected dynamic that developed the engine with appropriate speed, coupled reminiscent of the 5-cylinder in big brother Focus of yesteryear with a robust sound. The weak point in my test was so clearly the human factor. Because you hold your

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball

Test Ford Fiesta EcoBoost - The 1.0-liter cannon ball
Copyright: auto.de/Ford

Gasfuss little better under control than I did this, the average consumption can still loose press by 1.0 liters down.

My conclusion to the acclaimed Engine: Quite as efficient as the three-cylinder want to be, he is not. Nevertheless, it is clear why so Ford could enter two times the title of "Engine of the Year" the same. Because unlike the other two and three cylinders, the Ford Fiesta is a fact - albeit small - recognize fuel consumption versus comparable four cylinders. Add to that the 125 hp version also is surprisingly tangy yet and consumption does not degenerate even with rapid driving. Only on the highway, the engine is too thirsty, but probably also because Ford Fiesta begrudge no sixth gear here. Apart from the freshly-lifted Fiesta is a real recommendation, moreover, a very convenient.

Review Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium

Exterior design


Interior design2.2
Costs per year* 
Purchase price test vehicle19,230 €
Fuel costs **1.509,75Euro
Control20.00 euro
depreciation2884.50 €
Total annual costs:   
4414.25 €
Test Results / Final mark:  

* Costs per year are made up of fuel costs, road tax, the imputed value loss (15 percent p. A.)
** Fuel costs at 1.65 euros / liter of super gasoline and an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers

Specifications Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium

Five-door, five-seater small car
Length / width / height (m):3.97 / 1.97 / 1.50
Wheel base (m): 
Three-cylinder gasoline engine
displacement:1.0 liter
power:92 kW / 125 hp at 6.000Umdrehungen per minute
Max. torque:170 Newton meters from 1400 to 4500 revolutions per minute
top speed:196 km / h
acceleration 0-100 km / h:
9.4 s
Test-Consumption:6.1 l / 100 km
Consumption Manufacturer:4.2 l / 100 km
CO2 Manufacturer:99 g / km
Emission standard:5 euro
Energy efficiency class:B
(Series selection):
Anti-lock braking system ABS with electric. Brake force distribution electrically adjustable (EBD), mirrors and heated, Berganfahrassistent, Electr. Stability Program (ESP) with traction control (TCS), electronic. Fensterhebr front, central locking
Weight / payload 
Empty weight:1091 kg
Perm. Total weight:1555 kg 
Boot capacity:295-979 l
pricefrom 8,850 €
Price test car:19,230 €
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