Presentation Citroën C4 Cactus: Magic Carpet for the compact class

French love a flowery language, and so is the new suspension system that Citroën in the new C4 Cactus introduces not just any innovative comfort element, but can mutate the compact model at least a "magic carpet", which was introduced with the DS in 1954 hydropneumatic replaces.

20 patents for suspension with progressive hydraulic cushion

Citroën C4 Cactus.

Citroën C4 Cactus.
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In times of platform strategies, the hydraulic suspension no longer fits into the overall concept of the group, which now includes all measures as "Citroën Advanced Comfort", which is to make life on board more comfortable. Specifically, this means the new C4 Cactus, which will replace the C4 series next year, next to the new suspension and the introduction of new seats with "advanced Comfort", which, according to a spokesman for the brand, a "unique high seating and driving comfort" to bring, but this could not be further verified upon standing position in Paris. This also applies to the "suspension with progressive hydraulic cushion" for the engineers of the brand have filed 20 patents.

As with so many things in life, the new suspension system is based on a simple principle - but one must first have the idea and then implement. While a conventional spring element damper, spring and combined mechanical stop, the engineers supplemented in Paris, the system for two hydraulic cushions, which bring on both sides of pressure and train into play, so that the suspension works depending on the load in two stages.

At low load spring and damper jointly control the vertical movements of the body so that they can do without the support of the hydraulic cushions. However, they allow a greater suspension travel and the vehicle that promise Citroën engineers, floats like a "flying carpet" across the tarmac and even the shortcomings of infrastructure.

In the C4 Cactus can be found of the new spring technology

Citroën C4 Cactus.

Citroën C4 Cactus with uncluttered and spacious interior that exudes a lot of innovative spirit.
Copyright: Auto-Medienportal.Net/Wolfgang Groeger-Meier

In the combination of larger and stronger pressure relief spring and stop working with the hydraulic cushions, which are responsible for pressure and train. While a mechanical stop completely absorbs the energy and only partially reflects the hydraulic cushion to absorb the energy and carry it off so that there is no rebound. At the same time however, there is no differentiated travel programs more like the hydropneumatic. Together with the newly developed seats that relieve among other things, the back, the brand promises superior comfort in the compact class.

Offered is the suspension technique initially only in the C4 Cactus. Later, other model series will follow, but "probably will not be offered the flying carpet in small series," said a technician of the brand. The luxury brand DS will benefit from the suspension system. The SUV Aircross C5, which is currently being sold exclusively in China, already sprung like a "flying carpet". After the Paris Motor Show in October of next year, the model will roll in Europe on the streets.

The revision, however, the C4 Cactus loses some of its originality. a classic compact model in which only the "Cactus" in the model name to the original "Street Cowboy" recalls is now out of the distinctive urban crossover. The Airbumps as protection against parking bumps, yet unmistakable sign of recognition are shrunk to a design element. What remains is a tidy and spacious interior that exudes a lot of innovative spirit, but again is not true for the rear side windows which can be opened only. "Our customers have so far not complained, so we have not changed," explains Citroën boss Linda Jackson, the hinged windows.

As a drive of three petrol and four diesel to choose from, which is not yet decided which engines are selected for which market. The 4.14-meter C4 Cactus (wheelbase 2.60 meters) was also equipped with today's conventional connectivity solutions and assistance systems.

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